Making Authentic Connections With Rachel Blumenthal, Desiree Gruber, and Taryn Toomey

Words and Photos by Cara Best

Words and Photos by Cara Best

Last month, we hosted a panel discussion and workshop on networking in 2018 and building lasting, genuine relationships. Our star mentors for the event were none other than Rachel Blumenthal (Rockets of Awesome), Desiree Gruber (Full Picture), and Taryn Toomey (The Class by TT).For those of you who couldn't make it, we've compiled just a few of the gems that Rachel, Desiree, and Taryn gave us that night. Now go out and make those authentic connections!


Desiree Gruber (Founder, CEO of Full Picture) wants you to step outside of your comfort zone. Rather than just networking with your peers, make connections with your superiors as well! At the end of the day we're all just people, so interact with your colleagues at all levels.

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Rachel Blumenthal (Founder, CEO of Rockets of Awesome) doesn't have time to get coffee with you. Instead, she wants you to reach out with a specific request that she can execute quickly and work into her busy schedule! By sending a focused message with clearly defined action points, you're more likely to get a response and make a lasting, positive impression.



Taryn Toomey (Creator of The Class by TT) thinks networking is about more than just carefully calculated word choices. In fact, she wants you to ground yourself in your body to create more genuine relationships! By focusing on your presence, you're not only conveying physical social cues, but remaining more alert and engaged throughout the conversation.