These Are A Few Of Our Favorite Things



This season, we’re bringing a few of our favorite things (pun definitely intended) to all three cities for Spring/Summer ‘19! As stores continue to buy for customers more interested in curating a lifestyle, we have handpicked thirteen brands that we believe add even more depth to Brand Assembly’s offerings to serve those consumers. After launching the project in our hometown of New York, we’re even more excited to expand this initiative to our communities in Los Angeles and Dallas and bring a diverse range of lifestyle products to even more people!

From beauty and skincare to umbrellas and candles, we’ve curated an eclectic offering to add that little something extra to retailers around the world with help from our friends at JOOR! Below, we’ve got the dish on a handful of the brands we’re roadtripping with next month. Be sure to stop into our show in LA and Dallas (Oct. 8-10 and Oct. 24-26 respectively) to see all of the goods for yourself!


Noto Botanics was crafted by makeup artist Gloria Noto in the belief of creating a consciously unique and authentic way of life. By ‘identifying the essentials and eliminating the rest,’ Noto Botanics has created a unisex, environmentally sound, non-toxic solution to your skincare woes. Each product is crafted with care to simplify self care.

Why it’s our favorite: ‘I’m a sucker for skincare in chic packaging. Plus, Noto Botanics gives back to non-profits for people in need, which is amazing!’ - Sidney, Executive Assistant


Boy Smells products elevate your intimate world. Packaged in pink and conceived beyond the gender binary, Boy Smells candles make loving your identity a daily ritual. Each scent is meticulously developed in the home kitchen of the co-founders and hand-poured in Los Angeles for a truly special end result!

Why it’s our favorite: ‘Not just for boys! I love that Matthew and David have created a beautiful product that exists outside of the gender binary and also smells really good. Like, really good.’ - Cara, Content Manager


Founded by sisters Lizzie Means Duplantis and Sarah Means, Miron Crosby is inspired by the sisters’ experiences of growing up on their family’s West Texas cattle ranch, and later living and working in New York City. Hand-made and hand-lasted in Texas, the boots combine the best parts of fashion and western culture!

Why it’s our favorite: ‘Miron Crosby lets me pair the perfect southern boot with last of my southern twang.’ - Casey, Director of Business Development


Created by Meegan Barnes, a Los Angeles based artist and sculptor, the accessible line of home goods straddles the line between art and craft, form and function. The vases are cheeky, irreverent, empowering, and great for showing off your freshest blooms!

Why it’s our favorite: ‘I really enjoy bringing home flowers and putting them in a funky vase really takes the cake.’ - Adam, VP of Tradeshows and Community


As Colorado prepared to roll out its recreational cannabis program, a career woman and suburban mom had an idea. Why not incorporate the substance she enjoyed into the dinner parties she hosted for her friends? The intimate parties turned into sold out events and soon Jane West was fully immersed in the cannabis industry. Now, the brand strives to bring you the best essentials to put the power of the plant in your hands!

Why it’s our favorite: ‘Cheers to a woman owned business in an emerging industry! The future’s looking greener with Jane West around.’ - Cara, Content Manager


Mignonne “Maggie” Gavigan Smith, New York City based, North Carolinian bred accessories designer, widely regarded for her playful, color-forward aesthetic and fresh, elevated point of view, continues to redefine wearable designs with a couture sensibility. With strong southern roots and a background designing for luxury fashion brands, Gavigan hones a signature, laid-back style with masterful technique and a designer eye. 

Why it’s our favorite: ‘Mignonne Gavigan proves TGIFridays does not have the best flare. Whether a brooch, necklace, or earrings, MG is the perfect complement to your wardrobe.’ - Casey, Director of Business Development


Kendall & Libby are the sister duo behind Stoney Clover Lane. Started in 2009, Stoney Clover Lane has evolved into a go-to accessories brand for all things customized. With fashion and fun in mind, Stoney Clover Lane creates everyday accessory essentials you have always wanted.

Why it’s our favorite: ‘My style is…eclectic. Stoney Clover Lane’s patches are the perfect thing to add a little zip to something ordinary. Plus, anyone who’s got a pastel purple roller skate in their repertoire is fine by me!’ - Cara, Content Manager


Certain Standard creates beautifully designed and well-built accessories that inspire beyond function. They believe that a well-designed umbrella should do more than keep you dry. It’s their belief that it should make you feel stylish, confident, sexy, and bold. That it should make you feel happy. That it should make you feel great.

Why it’s our favorite: ‘Standing out from the crowd in the rain helps me get a cab to my next destination - that's why I chose a beautiful umbrella with color!’ - Morgan, Tradeshow and Community Manager


Thelma is a luxury shoe brand, devoted to everyday versatility, artful Italian craftsmanship, and quietly eye-catching design. Thelma shoes may be practical, but never ordinary. Each pair of Thelma loafers is handmade by expert artisans dedicated to preserving inherited techniques as well as upholding the highest ethical and environmental standards.

Why it’s our favorite: ‘I have realized as I have more life experiences (I really just don't want to say as i get older, ha!), I just want something uncomplicated. I also have become very aware of what my style is. Thelmas have become a staple of my eclectic tomboy look!  I have 7 different pairs! ’ - Hillary, Founder and CEO.


A graduate of the Pratt Institute, Shana got her start working at a well-known NYC-based theatrical costume shop sourcing and constructing costumes for Broadway shows. There Shana learned the art and necessity of quality craftsmanship. Later on, she made the switch to fashion and soon launched her own brand, Shana Luther.

Why it’s our favorite: ‘After visiting The Leather School in Florence while studying abroad, I became obsessed with handmade leather goods. Shana Luther's simple handmade leather bags are a staple!’ - Sidney, Executive Assistant


Born on the border of California and Mexico, mother-daughter team Elizabeth and Liz were both raised at a cultural crossroads. They collaborate with skilled artisans from their home country of Mexico to bring Nipomo’s designs to life. Designing a modern product with traditional methods has allowed the team to create unique products while preserving a slice of history, art, and craft.

Why it’s our favorite: ‘Sitting around the campfire on a cute and cozy blanket makes for a perfect evening with friends!’ - Morgan, Tradeshow and Community Manager


After a decade in the mass-market footwear industry seeing the destruction to the environment caused by the shoe-manufacturing process, owner Susie Berquist decided to make a drastic change in her career. By thinking outside the box, focusing on creating unique styles, finding diversity in manufacturing, and promoting sustainable practices she hopes to enlighten the consumer about ethical fashion.

Why it’s our favorite: ‘Not only are Salt+Umber shoes produced sustainable, they are super easy to slide on when you're on the go in NYC.’ - Sidney, Executive Assistant



Founded by sister influencer duo Jess and Stef Dadon, TWOOBS is a line of cool and comfortable sandals that made headlines at New York Fashion Week when it first launched with a guerilla marketing stunt in 2016. Known for its fashion-forward yet playful aesthetic, TWOOBS are made from all animal-friendly materials and feature a signature razor-edge flatform.

Why it’s our favorite: ‘Twoobs shoes are awesome! They are completely comfy and stylish so I can wear them for any occasion!’ - Izabele, Intern


Favorite Things will be on display in Los Angeles October 8-10 at the Cooper Design Space and in Dallas from October 24-26 at the Dallas Market Center! For more details, head to this link or email us at