Hillary: The Holiday | Resort 2014 Line showcases the classic Veda leather with a number ofnew themes from delicately embossed pieces to bold burn outs and new killer shapes – How were you inspired for this collection?

Lyndsey: The Holiday 14 collection was inspired by: Marfa lights, Linder Sterling collages, desert air, Donald Judd chairs, barrel racing,  the Gulf of Mexico, and the south of France.

Hillary: Every Veda Collection posses a handful of must have silhouettes but the Holiday | Resort 14 Collection has an abundance of sleek and sexy fits – can you tell us about getting this perfectly sleek fit?

Lyndsey: The Holiday collection is about mixing classic leather shapes with wearable and sexy ready-to-wear pieces.  This is the largest RTW collection VEDA has ever produced.  Each style incorporates small leather detail to add interest to the simple silhouettes.

Hillary: We are obsessed with the Frida Dress in Embossed leather – do you have a favorite piece from the collection? What is the story behind its creation?

Lyndsey: We love the new bonded leather jackets, the Commune and the Lou.  They feel forward and modern, but also practical.

Hillary: If this collection had a Muse who would it be?

Lyndsey: Georgia O’Keeffe

Hillary: The delicate leather strap detail on the back of styles like the Rue Dress and the underarm of the Marfa Top is so modernly feminine – what other subtle design details did you work into the collection?

Lyndsey: Thanks for noticing! The idea for a lot of the styles were taking classic shapes and updating them with subtle modern details like

Leather Kimono belts, leather binding framing our wool pieces, and clean leather appliques.

Hillary: The modern metallic personality of this collection is spot on – how did you decide on which metallics to incorporate into the line?

Lyndsey: The color palette for the season was inspired by the Texas desert, so the gold is super shiny and yellow just like it would be under the blazing Texas sun. And the metallic red reminded me of a rodeo queen

Hillary: The Skirt is making a move into the front line of fashion and this collection has a few statement pieces – Was it hard to blend modern details with classic silhouettes?

Lyndsey: We think the leather skirt is an important wardrobe staple. This season we wanted to bring back a shape that was a little flirty but still modern.